WinFrac© Monitoring System Software

WinFrac© Monitoring System Software For
Oil Field Service Company Service Supervisors

The WinFrac program acquires data from sensor sources and inputs from other sources in real time, converts these data to engineering units, manipulates these data based on recognized oil field relationships, and displays the results in meter form on multiple screens. Selected data are output in various ways to provide well treatment data to other computer based analysis functions. Some of the more popular features are:

  • Customer logo on start screen
  • Global totalizer RUN, HOLD, RESET, RESET LOCK, and Conditional RESET determined by Job Schedule setup
  • On screen real time strip chart of up to 8 traces of meter display values with moving chart grid
  • Graph of a scheduled process variable and the actual real time value of that process variable vs a selected totalizer variable
  • Selection screen for configuration of control data output
  • Selection screen for serial data output for transmitting to other programs in real time
  • Selection screen selecting data for logging to disk in real time and user input of datafile name
  • Selection screen for storing and recall of system configurations for different customers, job types and pump schedules
  • After treatment printout of treatment records and charts using the included PostPlot program
  • ? 8/16/32 analog and/or rate sensors can be monitored via Bettico Interfaces
  • Multiple additional signals can be input to the system via the serial ports from other analysis programs, down hole tools, equipment controllers
  • Feeds serial data to analysis software such as FRACPRO, GuyDon SMARTS, MEYERS, STIMPLAN
  • Optional “Real Time” Upload of data via Satellite Internet connection
  • System presents job treatment data on up to 4 user selectable screens of 8 meters for a total of 32 meters (WinFrac version 6) or 12 meters per screen on up to 8 screens for a total of 96 meters (WinFrac version 7) displaying:
    1. pressures
    2. densities
    3. propant concentrations
    4. propant concentrations calculated from delta rates, clean and dirty rate, clean rate and slurry PPA,
    5. propant rates
    6. propant rates calculated from related variables: [PPA, density of propant, slurry rate], [clean and dirty rate, density of propant]
    7. rates
    8. totals
    9. summations of rates and totals
    10. additive loading ratio
    11. fluid conditions
    12. pH
    13. viscosity
    14. temperature
    15. User may enter formulas to display of the result of calculations use the displayed values of other meters, and constants, and summation, difference, product, quotient, and power mathematical operators
    16. user adjustable variables (Factors)
  • Any screen of 8 (12) meters can be displayed on any monitor at the operators discretion
  • Each meter can be configured by the operator to access information from one of 16 (32) sensor channels or from another meter in the system or from a field in a serial record fed to the system from another computer or from an internal calculated variable
  • Any meter can be slaved to another meter, either directly or proportionally
  • Display smoothing using adjustable averaging, adjustable fast response trip point, and secondary averaging when in fast response mode
  • Adjustment of span and zero of display reading at any time for on-the-fly re-calibration, quick zero
  • User can change any meter’s name, data type, units of measure, data source, display resolution, smoothing and calibration at any time
  • Totalizer, concentration, and density meters have start / stop buttons to allow the operator to select whether the meter should respond to data
  • Totalizer meters have hold / lock, reset and adjust capability to correct readings at any timeWinfrac Manual. We have two winfrac related manuals available for download—please call for download information.