Job Recipe Control System with Mimic Panel

Job Recipe Control System with Mimic Panel.

Our latest Job Recipe Control System with Mimic Panel was designed to utilize four monitors. This allows the operators to view, at a glance, the condition of the current job. In addition, behind the operator is a mimic panel which has graphical representations of each flow line, valve, pump, and tank on the boat. Each remotely operated valve or pump can be operated from the mimic panel. The flow lines light up when there is flow through them.

This is the Job Recipe Control Panel. The whole system can be controlled from here, or the operator can choose to turn on valves and set flows individually with the software, or he can choose to manually manipulate the valves through the mimic panel.

The Recirculate and Boost screen.

The Mix System screen.

The Inventory screen.

The Fresh Water screen.

The Salt Water screen.

The Diesel screen.

The Liquid Additives screen.