Blender Controls

All of our Blender Control Enclosures are NEMA 4X Stainless Steel, and are sized according to the specific needs of your blender or combo unit. ¬†The nature of the design allows for localized, manual control of each facet of the blender’s operations as well as automated controls from a properly equipped DataVan. Each control “cluster” can be switched from manual to automatic at any point during a job to allow the operator to make any necessary adjustments due to whatever circumstances that may arise.

Some other features of our Blender Control Systems are:

  • Open Framework communication protocols. Our systems send data in it’s simplest forms to any peripherals you may already have, and we tailor those signals, when needed, to erase any headaches that can arise in environments where multiple manufacturers of equipment are present. (RS485, RS232, TCP/IP, etc.)
  • Optional complete independent control and monitoring system by the use of an on-board computer – OR – a system without a computer in the enclosure, which still allows for complete automated control via a Data Van, but will not store the data independent of a DataVan.
  • Integrated controls of Road engines as well as auxiliary engines, Paddles, Agitators, Dry Feeders, Chemical Additive Pumps, and Level Controls. However, we do need to be included in the choosing of power components (hydraulics, etc.) that are not sourced by Bettico directly.
  • Automated Tub Level Controls
  • Localized Digital Indicators for use as the primary data display(in the case of the non-computerized system), or as fallback indicators on the Computerized systems.
  • Easily sourced replacement parts for quick fixes in the field when errant wrenches and/or lighting strikes find their way into your equipment.
  • All Systems are 12v DC and/or 24v DC if the situation requires.

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