Bettico Stand-Alone DAS

The Bettico Stand-Alone DAS is a multi-channel Data Acquisition system housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure, suitable for Oil Field service.


  • Environmentally sealed “Mouse” buttons on the lower left of the top face
  • Power is applied to the connector on the Right of the front side
  • Sensor signals connected between the Sensor Connector Panel (below) and the connector on the Left

  • Physical:
  • The enclosure is 14 inches long and 12 inches wide by 6 inches deep
  • The unit excluding a carrying case weights 42 lbs
  • Power:
  • 12 volt DC powered, reverse connection protected
  • Other power source accommodation available on request
  • Inputs:
  • 8 sensor input channels configured for customer requirements – typically 4 analog and 4 rate channels
    1. Features of each analog sensor input channel:
  • Accepts 4 to 20 milliamp sensor signal, current source or current sink
  • Provides 24 volts transmitter excitation power, current limited for Analog “Current Sink” sensors such as Pressure Transmitters
  • Provides RFI and EMI filtering
  • Provides internal Analog Channel sensor zero control
    1. Features of each rate sensor input channel:
  • Provides internal log/calibrate selection switch to allow operator to simulate zero and up-scale sensor conditions in the calibrate position or real-time sensor signals in the log position for initial setup and troubleshooting purposes
  • Accepts rate signals up to 2,000 pulses-per-second (Hz)
  • Provides two-wire RFI and EMI filtering
  • Provides differential instrumentation input circuit noise canceling
  • Provides both power supply and optical signal isolation between the sensor and the system to prevent interference between systems connected to a sensor
  • Provides an internal log/calibrate selection switch to allow operator to simulate zero and 500 Hz sensor conditions in the calibrate position or real sensor signals in the log position
  • Provides signal level discrimination selection via internal LO-OUT / HI-IN calibration/level selection switch. The lo-out position is for tach generator signals and discriminates against low level signals while the hi-in position engages a high gain amplifier to allow detection of magnetic pickup level signals.
  • Computer Access Ports: (Via front side Environmental Connectors)
  1. One TX/RX Serial connection (Com-3) for output of real-time data to secondary system such as Third Party Analysis program or Equipment Controller System
  2. One USB 2.0. Included 4-port expander allows connection of keyboard, printer, memory stick, modem, network adapter etc.
  • Computer Access Ports: (Standard port connectors behind cover panel)
  1. One Standard 15 contact VGA connector for attaching VGA monitor
  2. Two Standard DB9 Com port connectors for Com-1 and Com-2
  3. One Standard PS2 connector for PS2 Keyboard
  • Options
  • Carrying case with Shock Mounts for DAS Mounting and Cable Connector Access Ports with Dust Covers
  • Touch Screen for positioning On-Screen Pointer
  • Solid-State Heat Exchanger for Elevated Ambient Temperature Operating Environment
  • Optional Equipment Controller Modules (for Electric-over-Hydraulic/Air Power Devices that expect 0 or more to 20 or less ma or any voltage that can be derived from 0 to 20 ma, proportional to process variable quantity)
  1. Blender Sand Screw Controls
  2. Chemical Additive Controls
  3. Cement Powder Delivery Valve Position
  4. Flow Rate Control Valve
  5. Engine Throttles