The Monitoring Van is a Mobile Computerized Data Acquisition and Display System FOR Oil and Gas field Service use. The purpose of the Monitoring Van is to provide a comfortable, human friendly Information Display Center where the Customer and a Service Supervisor can view well service process control information. Depending on the size and layout of the enclosure, Data Analysis engineers, salesmen, equipment operators and others interested in viewing treatment parameters may also have a purpose for being in this vehicle. Pumping rate as well as fluid and chemical additive and propant proportions may fall under direct control of the operators of this Monitoring Van.

Sensors provide electrical information proportional to process variables such as pressures, rates, concentrations, levels and blender process data. As many as 16 sensors can be connected to cables that are connected to the Bettico Signal Interface where they are conditioned and sent to the Data Acquisition system. A computer, using WinFrac Software, converts these signals to engineering values understandable to people and displays this information on computer monitors for viewing.

The WinFrac software provides several functions. Treatment data display, data logging, data relationship calculations, graphical presentations, data outputting to other computers, and data outputting to process control equipment such as blenders is available. The program supports multiple monitors.

The equipment and resources necessary to provide these capabilities are described below. This list describes a comprehensive group of instrumentation recommended for Oil Field Service Computerized Data Acquisition and Display. The system consists of one rack mount Windows98 computers containing our standard 16 channel A to D board and runs the WinFrac software program. This computer can feed real-time treatment data to another computer that may run the customer’s choice of analysis programs such as Smarts, Meyers, Fracpro, and Stimplan. Up to four VGA monitors are connected to each computer, for a total of 8 monitors. In addition there are 8 reels of sensor hookup cable with associated connecting jumpers and adapters, 2 high-pressure transducers, and a color Deskjet printer that prints data from either computer.

A. WinFrac Computer

  1. Latest Win9x compatible Pentium Processor
  2. 256meg RAM
  3. 30+ gig Hard Drive
  4. CD R/W Drive
  5. 1.44 FD Drive
  6. Multiple VGA Video
  7. AtoD board
  8. Standard ports
  9. Pointing device
  10. Keyboard
  11. Rack Mount Case
  12. Printer

B. Displays

  1. Two 20″ LCD Monitors
  2. One 17″ LCD Monitor

C. Software

  1. Windows7 Operating System
  2. Bettico WinFrac Data Acquisition and Display Program
  3. PostPlot After job Graphing and Data Printout Program

D. Signal Conditioning, Sensors, and Interconnection Equipment

  1. Bettico 8-Channel signal Interface
  2. 1ea. Connector Panels
  3. 8ea. Universal Reels of Signal Cable
  4. 2ea. Treating Line Pressure Transducers
  5. 4ea. Rate Adapters
  6. 1 Densiometer Adapter

E. Power Supply System

  1. 1-1000 Watt 12VDC to 115AC Power Inverter
  2. 1ea. 75 Amp AC to DC Power Supplies
  3. 1 Deep Cycle 12Vdc Battery

F. Miscellaneous

  1. Electric Cabling, hardware and fasteners
  2. 2ea. 4-Reel Mounting Racks


  1. Up to 75 amps of 13.25 volt DC power will be required. If desired, AC power can be supplied by a generator to provide power for air conditioning and the AC to DC power supplies.
  2. Reels are universal, meaning they have PIN style panel mount bayonet connectors on the end cap of the reels and SOCKET style bayonet connectors on the cable end, allowing them to be daisy-chained together to facilitate requirements for personnel to be long distances from the sensors. Reels have 200 feet of 6 conductor low capacitance shielded cable whose jacket is impervious to oil field fluids including caustic, acidic, and hydrocarbon fluids. These cables also permit digital communications and video.
  3. Rate and Density adapters interface between our Universal reel connectors to the standard connector styles found on magnetic pickups and Densiometers
  4. Call for a full description of the WinFrac Software.

Features of all systems will be upgraded as needs are reported. Additional features will be added. Please view our Web page for more information at .

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